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When I started thinking about where our “couples” trip was going to be this year I asked hubby when he was thinking we should go and his answer was in the fall. Now truth be told that was a bit far away for me (I think this was around Easter). I could travel a couple weeks out of every month and be happy. As soon as he said fall my thoughts turned to #Halloween and #DayoftheDead. And that’s when Booking our trip Puerto Vallarta began.

Dia de Los Muertos is a spectacular time in Latin America. For many who don’t know about the celebration it can sound quite morbid I think, it sure did to me when I had no real knowledge of what it was all about. But now that I understand the traditions and celebrations surrounding this amazing time I always want to be anywhere that they honour it!

So the planning really began as soon as I realized he was onboard with going this time of year. #dialosmuertos2018

Booking our trip Puerto Vallarta - Day of the Dead 2018

How I chose Puerto Vallarta

We had been to Cozumel in 2016 for Halloween and Day of the Dead and honestly weren’t that impressed. Perhaps because we were on the island, at the resort farthest from everything, it really didn’t seem like there was much of anything going on.

At the ferry terminal and main plaza in Cozumel on November 2 – which is Dia de Los Muertos – the day when everything should have been in full swing – it was quiet, with little activity. The resort had a small altar set up in the buffet restaurant, but nothing was really done to celebrate the event. 

Perhaps Playa del Carmen had more going on during those celebration days, we were busy with tours and activities elsewhere so maybe we missed something. 

I started by looking into places that had big celebrations for this time of year and Puerto Vallarta came up. It is an area of Mexico that really does it up big for this particular time of year. There are even bars and nightclubs that have Halloween costume parties – which turn this into a multi-day celebration worth looking into!

Being located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we are kind of north central to Mexico. Flights aren’t always the greatest depending on the time of year, but it’s usually never more than 5 or 6 hours to get to pretty much anywhere in Mexico so it’s totally doable flight wise!

Choosing our resort

I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta once before, with the kids, and I stayed in Punta Mita. Now if you aren’t familiar with this part of Mexico, there are a couple of different areas that are often considered “part” of Puerto Vallarta by some. There is Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, and Punta Mita. There are probably a few others, but those are the main ones.

Punta Mita is about as far away from Puerto Vallarta as you can get without needing to fly into a different airport (maybe a slight exaggeration). We flew in at the end of an actual monsoon. The rain was coming down so hard it was running down the highways in rivers, making some of the areas almost unpassable.

The drive from the airport to the resort we stayed at, The Grand Palladium Vallarta, took almost two hours, it seemed a lot longer. Best of all it was in a little car. We are used to private transfers in a larger van – something that holds 12 or 15 people. So to be in a little 4 passenger car was a little unsettling.

Unlimited Vacation Club and AMResorts

I knew when I started looking into resort choices that I was not going to be staying in Punta Mita, beautiful as it was, again. We are Unlimited Vacation Club Members, a program through AM Resorts, some say similar to a Timeshare Program but very different in a lot of ways.  

This gives us access to a variety of resort categories from 3 to 5 stars, in locations around Mexico and the Caribbean. The brands are Sunscape, Now and Dreams – perfect for families, but also for couples looking for a great vacation in some pretty amazing locations. 

Also included among the brands are Secrets – my preferred choice of Resort Brand; Breathless (I fell in love with this Brand of resorts and will always stay at a Breathless Resort if available, however, with only 4 choices the option isn’t very often available); and Zoetry Resorts – even more limited than Breathless but stunning luxury that’s unbeatable!

The obvious choice here was Secrets Vallarta Bay – and my number one reason was that its minutes away from the infamous Puerto Vallarta Malecon. 

When I was in PV previously I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful city. The sites the sounds the people! I wandered as much as I could, but with such limited time I could only see a small part and have been wanting to get back ever since.

The opportunity to stay right off downtown Puerto Vallarta was something I couldn’t pass up. So Secrets Vallarta Bay was the best decision I could have made. A simple call to our Travel Club Representative to confirm availability (I had already looked everything up online on the exclusive UVC website – where you can do everything by yourself including book vacations, tours, transportation and more). 


I was able to see that there are more than enough rooms available at both Secrets Vallarta Bay and Now Amber next door if any friends and family wish to join us to make this an incredible journey into the world of Mexican Traditions and Celebrations! Great pricing is still available! 

**I would like to note that this post and most posts on my blog may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something through my affiliate link, I will receive a commission from it. Please read my disclosure for more details.

Final Notes

You don’t have to have a Travel Club Membership or Timeshare to travel to great locations – I’ve done it successfully for decades! I travel once or twice a year on our membership, the rest of the time I stay in hotels and resorts that are unaffiliated with my membership. This trip just happens to be with my account. 


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