All About Mexico

Recently announced as the sixth most visited Destination in 2017 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, a jump of two spots in one year, and 7 spots in just 5 years. The United Mexican States, the proper name for Mexico, is a federal republic in the southern part of North America. It is comprised of 31 states and a separate federal entity – Mexico City, its capital. 

This amazing and beautiful country offers visitors almost two million square kilometers to explore (over 760,000 square miles). You can swim in the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea, as well as the underground cenote systems in the Mayan Riviera.

With a population of 123 M in 2017, this is the 11th largest country in the world. However, this is where things get a little interesting. Annual visitors totaled 39.3 M in 2017, almost a third as many as the countries entire population – quite an interesting statistic isn’t it! And those tourists spent about $21 Billion with a capital B in the country – quite a nice influx of dollars in a country that appreciates it!

The number of visitors to the country represents a 12% increase over the previous year. And there have been other increases too. With more on the horizon. From 2013 to 2017 the country has seen a 62% increase in visitors to the country. With no signs of slowing down, investment in the tourism and hospitality industry is at an all-time high – likely not seen since the early days of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende - recently named "World’s Best City” in Travel + Leisure magazine’s World's Best Awards 2017


Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking state in the world. While there are 68 other languages spoken in this country – you will predominantly hear Spanish or English spoken here. It is a good idea to learn a few basic phrases, and you can grab a free copy of Spanish for Better Travel in Latin America here


The official currency of Mexico is the Peso (MXN). Exchange rates are very favourable – US (18.86 to $1), CDN (14.3 for $1), Euro (22 for $1), and GBP (24.8 for $1) as of July 17/18.

US currency is widely used and accepted in Mexico. Other currencies can be used but not always. We have used CDN on occasion.


Temperature averages vary from region to region. You can find more information located in each specific area listed below.

The climate in Mexico is excellent for year round visitors. Desert temperatures can dip at night, but in the coastal regions it is rarely necessary to need more than a light sweater.

The Areas of Mexico

From Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, the Baja Peninsula is as unique as it comes in Mexico. I’ve never been anywhere like it! You can stand in the desert, beside the ocean and experience almost 0% humidity – it’s really incredible!  Bordered by two amazing bodies of water – home to some sea creatures only found here!

Cabo Mexico Sunset

Literally right in the middle (a little south I guess to be accurate), and encompassing an area around Mexico City, Central Mexico spreads out and includes amazing places to see, and incredible things to do. So many people have the impression I think that they would just come to see the city – but they would be sorely mistaken. Peek inside…

This is the largest part of Mexico that also includes the US/Mexico Border. Familiar places include Chihuahua, Nogales, Laredo, and Monterrey. A common misconception about Northern Mexico is that Tijuana is here – it’s not – it’s part of the Baja. 

Mexico’s Pacific Coast stretches for thousands of kilometres if you were to drive from el golfo de Santa Clara to the Guatemala border. But it would be an amazing drive – El Dorado, Los Mochis, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Acapulco and so many more! This would be one epic cruise for the history books!

From Tampico to Tabasco, the flavours of Mexico really come alive in Southern Mexico and the Gulf Coast. From the freshest seafood, to the liveliest flavours. This compact area really packs a lot in for you to visit! Veracruz is a city not to miss – filled with culture and cuisine – it’s a delight through and through!

Mayan Riviera Resort

With over 15 recent visits to this area of Mexico alone, I can definitely say this is a favourite in my books. There is just so much to explore here. It’s such a unique part of the world. Distinctly different from every other part of Mexico – you really need to come see why!

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