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More About Custom Trip Planning Services

You’ve made the decision to go on vacation – hey that’s awesome! Whether you are going solo – I’ve done that a couple of times and had a blast, with your significant other – hubby and I try to sneak in a getaway from the kiddos at least once or twice a year, a trip with friends – we usually end up camping in the wilderness with our group, or taking the whole crew along – we make sure to take our family on at least one vacation a year, it can be stressful trying to come up with the best travel itinerary to please everyone. This is where I come in! Let me take the worry and stress of all that off your plate with my Custom Trip Planning Services!

I take the stress and hassle out of your vacation planning and provide you with a detailed (or simple depending on your requirements) itinerary of things to do, places to eat, transportation and accommodations options, and a whole lot more, for one all-inclusive price. No up-charges, no extras, no change fees*, you pay one price for my services.

*changes in dates and or duration of vacation may require a change in fee.

How it Works

What information is required?

You will be required to fill out the Trip Planning Request Form found here. Once I receive the form I will begin planning your trip. Within 2 business days, you should receive a personal email from me – 1) confirming receipt of your information and your dates and place(s) of travel – 2) asking any relevant questions I need to enhance my portfolio for your trip – 3) confirming any other details and setting up a telephone or online chat to finalize the planning process. This all takes place prior to you being invoiced for my services.

What information will be included in the Trip Planning Itinerary?

Depending on the information you provide on the Trip Planning Request Form the following could be included in your Itinerary:

  • Airline/Flight Information including options, costs, available upgrades, the premium lounge offers, parking offers, and related information, etc.
  • Accommodation options that match the provided budget and other specified criteria (i.e. brand, required amenities, etc.)
  • Transportation options – to the airport, from the airport to accommodations, during your stay, etc.
  • Dining options at the various locations during your trip
  • Self-catering options if this is a requirement during your trip
  • The best things to do in the various locations during your travels including hidden gems and local stops
  • The best times of day to visit known tourist locations to minimize crowds and line-ups
  • Itineraries are designed for you to see more, do more, relax more!

Here's what I promise I will do when creating an Itinerary for you, your family, or your group

I will listen

I will listen to what you tell me, whether it’s on your Request Form, on the telephone, online in chat – whatever the method of communication – I will listen to you and put your priorities first. What matters to you matters to me. Your needs are mine to fulfill. I am here to make your travel dreams a reality!

I will treat you with respect and confidentiality

I will treat you with respect and want to assure you that I will keep our transactions and information confidential. I will not discuss our business with others, although I may refer to the trip planning process in a confidential manner – i.e. for advertising purposes only, I may state that I planned a vacation for [an individual, family, group] to (said location) and everyone involved had a wonderful time (provided this is accurate information – which I am sure it will be). I may also refer to activities and excursions that I have set-up for “clients” but provide no other specifics, unless you provide written testimonials for this exact purpose.

I will research your trip as in-depth as if it were my own

All the information I provide to you in your itinerary will have been checked, verified, and vetted as if I was taking the trip myself, or sending my own family on the trip. I do not recommend vendors or suppliers that I have not personally used or verified myself. If I have not used a vendor I have had someone I personally know research and verify them in order to provide you with the absolute best vacation experience possible.

I prepare your itinerary in draft form

Once I’ve gotten all your information from your request form and we’ve had a chance to chat, on the phone or online, I’ll start to prepare a draft itinerary. At this point, I will send you an invoice for my services. I charge a standard fee which is based on the length of your trip, the number of people involved and the amount of detail involved in your itinerary. That’s all there is to it! As long as you don’t decide to go from a two week trip to Cancun to a month-long trip to the Amazon there are no changes in my fee! No matter how many tweaks we decide to make to the final version – I don’t charge for revisions. You can see my fee guide here.

I will email you the final version within 2 business days of receiving your payment

Once I’ve received your payment I will email you the final version of your itinerary. We can then make changes if you require them. The itinerary isn’t finished until YOU say it’s finished. I won’t be happy with it until YOU are happy with it!

I can make your bookings for you - additional cost may be incurred

As an added benefit I am more than happy to make some or all of the bookings for your trip. Note that there may be additional fees involved for this that may be beyond my control. I am not a travel agent, however, I have partnerships with many agencies that I am able to book through. Most do not have an added charge, some pay me a small commission to use their services, this is at no cost to you and helps run this website and in no way affects the services you receive. If you would like me to book your travel, please state this on your form so that costs may be included upfront.

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Let me help you, your family, or your group have an epic adventure - like I do with my family every time!

I provide assistance during your trip

Now, recognizing the time zone difference, I may not be immediately available, however, should something not go exactly right during your trip I will do my best to assist you from afar. I am only an email or phone call away. Simply contact me by either method and as soon as possible I will assist in any way I can. Whether you are having accommodation issues, transportation problems, medical distress (not related to insurance – that’s beyond my expertise, sorry), activity provider issues, etc., I am merely a message away. I stand behind what I provide and can often smooth things over quickly for you.

I back-up what I prepare

What does that mean for you the consumer? If you are unhappy with your itinerary – I offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you return from your trip and are unsatisfied with the itinerary that I provided you I will give you your money back. One thing I do not like is unhappy customers. If you are unhappy then I am unhappy. The only thing I ask is that you email me directly and let me know what went wrong and where, and I will refund your money – no other questions asked. 

No information that you provide will be stored online except that which is outlined in our Privacy Policy. We are GDPR compliant to the best of our ability and follow the privacy laws of Canada. We do not store, electronically or otherwise, sensitive data such as credit card information – this is all processed through third-party providers such as Paypal.